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My background


I have an MA degree in Social Work.   I have been in practice as a social worker since 1987, and have been in full time private practice as a therapist working with individuals and couples since 1999.  I am an integrative therapist.  I draw on several therapeutic traditions including psychodynamic therapy, systems theory and attachment theory in my practice.  I believe that people live fruitfully when they are emotionally in tune with themselves and are meaningfully connected to others.

I began my career as a social worker at NICRO, then Child Welfare and then FAMSA from 1991 -1998 where I first began to work with couples.   My work in the NPO sector exposed me to many different South African communities, and gave me a rich appreciation of the impact of culture and socio economic circumstances on couple dynamics and family life.

I have immersed myself in contemporary approaches to couples therapy and attachment theory.   I underwent training in infant observation to better understand the foundations of human attachment.  I have attended courses in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy and lectures on Imago therapy.  I am currently engaging with the Encounter Centred Couple Therapy to deepen my ability to help partners connect meaningfully.  I am also exploring contemporary understandings of adult sexual intimacy.

I have had extensive experience training professional therapists in couple therapy.  I was a guest lecturer on the Rhodes University Clinical and Counselling Psychology Masters programme from 1995 -2011.   I have trained police, clergy and community workers in crisis intervention, domestic violence intervention, basic counselling and helping skills.  I have presented at several conferences and have written and published in the fields of domestic violence, rape, and HIV counselling.

MA Social Work - Pr. No. 89083362 - SACSSP Pr. No. 10-11662

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